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Model Dreams is a reputed Modelling Agency based out of UAE as its Headquarters. As an integral part of the Fashion and Modelling Industry we are committed to maintain the integrity and privacy concerns of the all the visitors reaching to our websites and seeking information. As a site user you are supposed to put your personal information to us so that we can contact you in the later part if you are looking for an opportunity therefore you must be aware of our Privacy Policies and understand how your data is collated and used only for professional use that too with your consent.

As per our Privacy Policy, we are committed to ensure that the information provided by you will remain confidential and will not be shared to any third-party sites. Through this Privacy Policy you will also understand how the given data is provided by you captured in our database, how do we separate it and then use it and how can it be changed or corrected if needed.


We understand that there would be third party sites which might have a hyper link to State Artist Management. However, we do not make any false commitments to secure your privacy from those pages. Therefore, we strictly recommend you go through our Privacy Policy carefully and use them at your own risk at each site that you visit.



For Artists and Aspiring Models who want to opt a career in Modeling and visit our site initially they are supposed to supply us their Personal Information such as Name, Address, Body Measurements, Bust Size, Waist Size, Gender, date of Birth etc. This is mandatory because it will help us to understand whether you are eligible for a specific assignment or not. This is solely done for the purpose of taking your consent to approach you in the later part if you get selected. Moreover, the aggregated or non-personal information automatically reaches us through the web browser or the device that you use but that do not capture your username or domain and is also not named personally.



As per the guidelines of the “State Artist Management” the information passively collected from your browser or device can be used for the purpose of: 

  • Create your Account or respond to your queries 
  • Promotional Activities for our Products and Services and Clients, Advertisers and Affiliates that are connected to Model Dreams.
  • Providing you customized services as per your interest and choice 
  • Site Operation and Identification of Site threats or Security.
  • Research and Survey on the usage of site and the services Offered by us.
  • Any other information collated in the form.
  • Real Time Traffic usage such as Location, URL Identification of IP Address.
  • Feedbacks and Suggestions collected to improve the quality of the products and Services offered by Models Dreams and make it more customer Friendly.



Our website is strictly prohibited to use by children under the age of 13. We do not encourage or advise children below the age of 13 to enter their personal information on the website nor it is captured in the database. In case if a minor is selected for a specific assignment, then Parental consent is mandatory, and data is captured only after approved by the Management. 


However, if you still find any suspicious activity, feel free to contact us by email anytime. 



Model Dreams shares the information collection to the third parties who are our investors, advertisers, sponsors who support the site information for the purpose of servicing or running the site aptly. This is solely done for the purpose of marketing and promoting the products and services that they may think you would be interested in and sending you information basis on that. Added to this we may also unveil personal Identified Information or other data to ensure that our law or legal requirement is enforced to terms of usage and other necessary agreement. This also covers Protection of Rights and protection of Safety for our users. 


Model Dreams do not take any responsibility of the Privacy Policy of Third-Party Links that may be connected to hyperlinks to other websites. you are recommended reading their privacy Policy and access them at your own risk. In case if you post your Personal Information online to unknown third-party sites the information can be misused such as sending you unsolicited messages. 


However, Model Dreams will take necessary steps to protect your information using security checks and other measures, yet you are recommended supporting the secrecy of your Account username and password and other information whenever you are online.



Our site supports the Cookie Policy to make your experience more user friendly. Cookies are usually enabled to store data in your hard drive from web server to the browser you use. It basically collates information on the number of visitors on a particular site and the number of pages viewed. This is also used for the purpose of Research, Administration, Business Analysis and Decision Making. 



Newsletters are personalized letters sent to users who subscribe to our Promotional mails, Activities and Information on our new products and services. They have access to our updated information on Promotional activities for Product Launch, Sponsors or Business Partners we collaborate with. They will also have access to know about the latest events taking place in the Modelling and Fashion industry. In case if a user wants to unsubscribe to this service, he/she simply needs to follow the instructions available at the bottom of the mail or newsletter or using this site and clicking on the newsletters section. 



Model Dreams is co partnered with a lot of advertising providers who serve adds on Behalf of us on sites that are not affiliated. Some of these adds may collect information through survey that how often you visit the site or the number of pages you view. This helps our Digital Marketing team to understand your preferences and send you related content information. 


For more information, please visit to . This has a list of companies taking part in the Digital Advertising Alliance Self-Regulatory Program to help visitors to see less relevant adds however it does not guarantee a complete stoppage of ads appearing when you check your browser or Applications. In case of using a different browser, you might need to repeat the same process of opting out again. 



Model Dreams is committed to follow Standard Practices in the Fashion and Modelling Industry when it comes to featuring Published images that have been sourced from different publications (both from Print and Digital Media ) where they showcase their models on the website .Such images are Royalty Free based at a Global level .In case of any discrepancy in the use of the image used by Model Dreams ,feel free to contact the “State Artist management “or you can write it to to notify us incase if you have any concerns. We will be able to prove your ownership rights legally. 



This policy is subjected to change or updated in case the management makes a change in it. You will be notified every time when this happens. Therefore, as a user it is recommended that you check this site and know about your privacy concerns in detail about its usage and information sharing practices. This ensures your affirmation on the current updates. 



For any aid or queries about the Privacy Policy, feel free to contact us at 

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